• EPD Environmental Product Declaration

    Superlit is the first GRP Pipe Manufacturer in Turkey
    who made it’s Carbon Footprint Declaration

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  • GRP Slip on Coupling

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  • GRP Pipe

    View the details of GRP pipes, couplings and fittings

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  • GRP Full-Face® Coupling

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  • Marine-Lug®

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  • Subsea applications

    World’s largest diameter (DN 4000 mm) GRP pipes installed under water

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  • Project and Jobsite Support

    More information about SUPERLIT’s supervision service

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  • Serving 5 Continents

    SUPERLIT GRP pipes around the world

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    SUPERLIT GRP pipe Technopark

superlit fabrika


In its factories in Düzce and Malatya in Turkey, and Buzau in Romania, SUPERLIT Pipe Industries manufactures GRP pipes in a diameter range of DN300 mm DN4000 mm, a rigidity of 2500 5000 10000 (10000 and above with custom design), and resistant against pressure between 1 32 bar (and up to 40 bar with custom design) which conform to national and international standards, such as EN, ISO, ASTM, AWWA etc.

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Click here for SUPERLIT GRP Full-Face® coupling animation film, installation and assembly video of the world’s largest diameter GRP pipe manufactured for submarine applications, and for our other promotional videos.

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Manufacturing and selling pressure and non-pressure GRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester) pipes pursuant to international standards, SUPERLIT has become a preferred brand in 5 continents with its wide product range, reliable quality and pre- and post-sales technical/consultancy services.

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sea water


SUPERLIT GRP pipe systems are implemented in many areas ranging from drinking water to irrigation, from sea water intake and discharge systems to drainage thanks to their longevity, hydraulic features, lightness, telescopic shipment, easy installation techniques, wide range of production and superior resistance against corrosion.

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CTP Boru – Sürekli Elyaf Sarma DN300 – DN4000


SUPERLIT GRP pipes are manufactured by means of continuous filament winding process that consists in automatic winding of continuously flowing glass fibers or by means of centrifugal casting process that produce the pipe by feeding the raw materials into the computer controlled rotating molds.

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Proje Adı: Moerdijk - Nieuwe Keersluis Limmel Hollanda - DN1700


Click here to see the details of many projects from 5 continents in the world where SUPERLIT GRP pipes have been preferred.

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ctp boru ureticileri
TIM 1000 Superlit